Practice Your Purpose

Numerous opportunities exist to support Michigan Engineering experiential learning opportunities. Help students realize their vision to Practice Your Purpose. Choose one or more of the opportunities below – your financial contributions are greatly appreciated!

Michigan Engineering Immersed

Provides support for a wide range of experiential learning opportunities including design programs, team competitions, international experiences, creative and entrepreneurial programs, leadership opportunities and more.

ArtsEngine Fund for Innovation and Creativity

This fund enhances the role of the arts across all disciplines. Funding supports students attending the Emerging Creatives Student Summit, scholarships for Living Arts Summer Residential Lab, and expanded collaborative experiential learning in the arts.

Center for Entrepreneurship Gifts

Programs cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset through experiential learning, community engagement and venture acceleration.

Center for Healthcare Engineering and Patient Safety Gifts

Gifts to this fund support a variety of initiatives at the Center for Healthcare Engineering and Patient Safety including funding for student travel, student support, events at the center, the hosting and transporting of seminar speakers, and more.

Center for Socially Engaged Design Gifts

Socially Engaged Design teaches students how to consider social, cultural, economic and environmental factors when designing technology, empowering them to become professionals capable of implementing effective solutions to local and global problems.

Engineering Career Resource Center Gifts

This discretionary fund provides students with career planning services and workshops on a variety of career related topics.

Engineering Global Leadership Honors Program Gifts

Engineering Global Leadership integrates business knowledge, cultural awareness and leadership skills into the engineering curriculum.

Engineering Honors Program Gifts

The Honors Program develops students to achieve technical excellence, broaden their horizons, become future leaders in their field, and make an impact on their campus and community.

Global Health Design Initiative Discretionary Gifts

The Global Health Design Initiative Program aims to train a new generation of engineers to collaborate with stakeholders to define problems and develop and implement solutions to address essential health care challenges.

International Programs in Engineering Gifts

Support for International Programs in Engineering helps students understand global engineering challenges and gain valuable intercultural experience through study abroad programs, international design projects and community service.

Multidisciplinary Design Program Student Project Sponsorships

The Multidisciplinary Design Program provides project-based experiential learning opportunities for Undergraduate- and Masters-Level Students in the College of Engineering and beyond.

Tauber Institute Alumni Scholarship

The Tauber Alumni Scholarship Endowment Fund allows alumni to give back to the Tauber Institute for Global Operations; gifts are used to fund an annual Alumni Scholarship Award which recognizes impactful student leaders.

Tauber Institute Program Support

Support the Tauber Institute’s efforts to provide leadership, team-building, and operations enrichment activities to students who will become the Leaders and Best in global operations.

Technical Communication Program Gifts

This expendable fund provides a strong foundation for students to succeed in the complex communication responsibilities in their future engineering careers and to be articulate, collaborative, and capable of critical thought and sound reasoning.

Wilson Student Team Project Center Gifts

Gifts to this fund support the Wilson Student Team Project Center, a 24/7 workshop where students apply engineering knowledge and develop leadership and management skills through multidisciplinary design-build-test projects and competition teams.