Practice Your Purpose

At Michigan Engineering, a first-rate engineering education is just the beginning.

We have a rich variety of experiential learning opportunities to help you find your niche, connect with people who share your passion and gain hands-on experience that’ll set your resumé apart from the stack.

Experiential learning crosses disciplines, crosses oceans, crosses social divides, builds on your classroom skills and puts it all to work in real-world situations.


Put the pieces together

Already a Michigan Engineering student? Use the Spire web app to identify experiential learning opportunities and track your progress with developing key professional competencies.

“We hire you because you’re actually bigger than the role you’re interviewing for. That’s not a person that checks a box on particular degrees. That’s a person that brings a mindset and a way of thinking, and the only way you get that is by going out and experiencing the world.”

Rob McClung
Director, Global Marketing Solutions, Latin America Customer Experience, Google

“While coursework and classes have given me a lot of technical knowledge and problem-solving skills, it’s been my Immersed experiences that have helped me realize what strengths I have and what things energize me.”

Channing Wan
Industrial & Operations Engineering, Engineering Global Leadership,Engineering Honors Program , International Programs for Engineering, Tauber Institute for Global Operations, Wilson Student Team Project Center